View.WorldToScreen( view_index, [position] )

[EN] Returns screen position inside the view. [RU] Возвращает положение экрана внутри представления.

Parameters:view_index, position

View.WorldToScreen( view_index, [position] )


View.Render( view_index, x, y, width, height )

[EN] Used to draw rendered view.

[RU]Используется для рисования визуализированного вида.

Parametersview_index, x, y, width, height

Note: This function must be called on Draw callback

View.Render( view_index, x, y, width, height )


[EN] Updates custom created view.

[RU] Обновляет созданный пользователем вид.

Parameters:view_index, width, height, origin, angles

Notes: 1) This function is very heavy on performance as you are rendering entire game world in new view. It is recommended to do frame pacing (so you only render every 2nd frame or render at 30 fps for example). 2) Making too many views is not recommended, 2 views being updated is already heavy. 3) Must be called in FRAME_RENDER_START.

View.Update( view_index, width, height, [origin], [angles] )



[EN] Creates a view.

[RU] Создает вид.

View should be created on script start and stored for later reuse.

var custom_view = View.Create()

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